Cobra Kai

You’re going to love this! Actor Sean Kanan, currently starring in the hit Netflix series “Cobra Kai,” had Kickin Ash provide barbeque sauce for his wife’s birthday party. (She’s a producer of the Amazon series “Studio City.”) The sauce was such a hit the Kanan’s are now official fanatics, and Sean made this great video […]

Perfect Your Ribs

Summer is the season for barbeque! Ribs, brisket, tri-tip, sausage, burgers…it’s all good! But if you want to take your BBQ skills up a notch, there’s nothing tastier than award-winning Kicking Ash Barbeque Sauce. Try our favorite recipe for barbeque ribs on your grill today!


Yeah we bad, we’re WORLDWIDE! The results of the American Royal World Series of Barbecue are in, and Kickin Ash BBQ Sauce kicked it in two categories: 55th in 2022 Best Sauce on the Planet and 19th in 2022 Hot Tomato Sauce! And mind you, that’s not just in Bakersfield, and not just in the United States…that’s WORLDWIDE! Not bad considering Kickin […]

Tailgating Challenge Review

“A good BBQ sauce can make you look like a grilling genius! In this new Tailgating Challenge, we check out the new BBQ sauce that wants to put the south in your mouth! Let’s check out our new video on Kickin Ash BBQ Sauce Review!” – Tailgating Challenge

Kickin Ash is Kickin It!

7 days after the first cases of Kickin Ash were delivered to Bakersfield’s Wood-Dale Market, over 200 bottles had been sold. Six months later Kickin Ash is available at 15 locations in Bakersfield, Fresno/Visalia and SoCal and has sold over 3,800 bottles. Kickin Ash BBQ Sauce, hats and T-shirts are online too!

Richard’s Ribs That Started It All

Richard called himself a “backyard cook,” and experimented with different grills and smokers to perfect the meats he loved to prepare. Once, at a weekend gathering with friends, a local chef challenged Richard to a “rib throw down.” Three judges were selected from the gathering and the contest was on. At the final tasting all […]